FAMILY "Growin' Up" MARRIAGE "Staying Together" PARENTING "Raisin' Kids"
Mother Father BARBARA Becky
Aunt Charlotte and Uncle Bert Edward
Aunt Alma and Uncle May Preston
Aunt Florence and Uncle Dawson Charlie
Uncle Fred  
RELIGIOUS "Goin' to Church" EDUCATION "School Learnin'" EXPANDING "Extra Curricular"
First Methodist Episcopal Church South Mrs. Goff's Private First Grade Boy Scouts
Hebe Reece's Religion Course Winter Garden Elementary 2-6 Emory Christian Association
Youth Caravanning in Texas Lakeview High School 7-12 Silva Mind Control
First Presbyterian Church Emory University B. A. Progressive Relaxation
Church of the Lakes U.S. Navy AETM School Management One
Prayer of Jabez Rollins College LI & Future Thinking
University of Pittsburgh M.S. Thi Chi Oxycise
PLAYING "Recreating" FRIENDS "Good Buddies" COMMUNITY "Contributing"
Football Jack Keller Rotary
Dancing Elmer Youngblood Junior Achievement
Traveling Roger Funk Salvation Army
Golf (more or less) Jim Bock West Orange Health Alliance
Rollerblading Jim Fowler Y. M. C. A.
CAREERS "Money Grubbing" INVESTING "Shootin' Craps" GROUPS "Leading the pack"
A & P Store Citrus Groves Florida Canners Assn.
Roper Bros., Inc. Channel 9 National Juice Products Assn.
Diamond R Fertilizer Co., Inc. Citrus Service, Inc. Citrus Self-Insurance Fund
Winter Garden Citrus Products Security National Bank Security National Bank
Roper Growers Coop Century National Bank  
INVENTING "Figerin' out how to do it"   QUINTESSENCE "Giving form to the perfection..."
"Becky Boxes, Little Bert's & Presto Pickups"   ...the pure and concentrated essence of knowing
Roll Boards   ...the most perfect embodiment of wisdom
Tree-See   ...the fifth essence or element, soul, supposed
Toe-Free   to be the constituent matter of the heavenly bodies,
Distance Ears   the others being air, fire, earth, and water