A Leader is an individual who has set well defined goals as an act of his or, her will; has the ability to verbalize the objectives necessary to attain goals and the capacity to relate to those individuals required to accomplish the desired work.

A Leader chooses those companions who by their own will set objectives which are mutually supporting of his efforts for goal attainment.

A Leader selects from his fellow workers those who have the abilities required in specialized areas of achievement which enable them to attain their objectives.

A Leader is efficient only if those following him achieve their personal goals.

A Leader is effective to thc extent that his goals are attained.

A Leader attracts those associates who have the capacity to relate positively with themselves, with others and God.

A Leader recognizes that this is a dynamic world and that change is an essential part of our existence.

A Leader is aware of the resistance of his followers to change and strives always to enlighten them concerning the activities which they naturally tend to resist.

A Leader has compassion because he knows the many are under pressure as a result of tensions generated by their desire not to change.

A Leader is ever mindful of the opportunities to assist his followers in acquiring the wisdom to enjoy maximum freedom and optimum liberty.

A Leader sets goals which are in conformity with nature and God’s good intentions for all men. He or she considers that which is good, strives for that which is fair, is aware of the needs of his or her companions, searches continually for the enlightenment of truth, and spends sufficient time in meditation and prayer to maintain a mental Home with God and receive that power which is required for True Leadership.

Bert E. Roper