I,                                                            wish to be a group member and be employed by                                                       and by my signature below do AGREE to these statements, terms and conditions without reservation.

I understand the concepts of PROCESS and CONTENT and have an agreement with my Group Leader to use this information in the operation of myself.  That is, I will SENSE, AGREE, DO, and FORGIVE.

Should I ever be asked to do anything which in my opinion is not lawful, is not safe, is not just, or is not intelligent, I am to fully express what I SENSE about such request until I am understood and be free to not AGREE.

Should I of my own free will AGREE to a proper request by an authorized company representative with whom I am relating and of my own free will choose to
NOT DO that which I agreed to DO, I am by that action resigning from this company.  Clearly stated, such behavior says “I quit” and any claim to unemployment compensation may be affected.

However, if the not agreed behavior was intelligent and for good cause and prompt notification was given to the other member(s) that the agreement was not kept, FORGIVENESS will be given when requested.  Further, I understand that every member of our group is to promptly notify all parties to an agreement when he/she senses the agreement is not being kept.

Further, anytime I sense that I am not using the process or any group member so advises me, I AGREE to promptly consult another group member for assistance.

If I become aware that any group member is not using the process and I perceive that a CONTENT error is about to be made, I will promptly advise the member and/or the group leader.

The above has been read and understood.  I acknowledge that a prime consideration for my being hired by this company is that I will DO that to which I AGREE.

            Date:______________  Signed:_____________________________

                                                   Witness: ____________________________