I,                                                                    wish to have a good relationship
with                                                      and by my signature below do AGREE to these statements without reservation.

I understand the concepts of PROCESS and CONTENT and will use this information in the operation of myself.  That is, I will SENSE, LIST, AGREE, and DO.

Should I ever be asked to do anything which in my opinion is not lawful, is not safe, is not just, or is not intelligent, I am to fully express what I SENSE about such request until I am understood and be free to not AGREE.

Should I of my own free will AGREE with you to set a goal and of my own free will choose to NOT DO that which I agreed to DO, I am by that action acknowledging that our relationship is in trouble.  Clearly stated, such behavior says “I wish to separate from you.”

However, when I can show that the not agreed behavior was intelligent, for good cause, and that prompt notification was given (prior if possible), I will ask for FORGIVENESS.

Further, when you request, I will agree (set the goal) to FORGIVE you and feed back to you any demand which remains not forgiven.  Through Creative Interchange, we may then DO forgiveness together.

I fully understand that we have conscious and not-conscious inputs and that we both must be aware of each other and that I must DO what I AGREE to DO.


Date:_____________________   Signed:__________________________________