I, being keenly aware that I have a conscious and a not-conscious, understand that CONTENT refers to Who, What, When, Where, and Why AND that PROCESS refers to How.  Further CONTENT can be Anybody, Anything, Anytime, Anywhere, and for any Reason.  However, PROCESS refers specifically to our mutually understood ideas relating to SENSE, LIST, AGREE, and DO.

            I hereby AGREE that:

                 I.  I have a CHOICE whether to AGREE or not AGREE.

                  II.  If I AGREE, I then have three choices:
                            A.  DO as AGREED.
                            B.  If either part of me SENSES conflict within, I must
                                   CANCEL and begin the PROCESS again.
                            C.  If, at the time of DOING, information SENSED indicates
                                  a new choice to be GOOD, I may CANCEL and act

            I understand that the meaning of every word is important and that I must sort out what each brings to mind in each representation system---seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling, and tasting.
            When I become aware that I am not using the process (bad self-management), I AGREE to immediately seek help from one known to use the process.  Remember, TRYING FAILS, AWARENESS CURES.  Often, OTHERS can enable us to be aware.
            I understand that I cannot have peace of mind if I do not act in accordance with this agreement.
            My whole being wants good relationships and understands that by CANCELING, I can be AWARE.

Signed: __________________________________________

Date:    __________________________________________