Friend: a person with whom you can think openly; a
person who will look for good in those thoughts; a
person free enough to spontaneously respond with his
or her thoughts.

Each friend may have special ways of relating that will help
in sharing awareness:
Auditory friend: a person to whom you can speak freely;
a person who will hear good things in what you say; a
person who will respond to what he or she hears with good

Kinesthetic friend: a person to whom you can express
your every feeling; a person who feels with you and
searches for what feels good to them in response; a
person who senses with you enough to be helpful in
dealing with your energy status.

Visual friend: a person to whom you can paint the
picture of things as they appear to you; a person who
can visualize with you to understand your vision; a
person who looks with you at your present picture and
aids in painting a new scene.

Olfactory friend: a person to whom you can tell how
something smells to you; a person who senses the mix of
ingredients in your life and adds a beautiful scent; a
person who suggests what you might add or take away to
create a good aroma.

Tasting friend: a person who can help you chew your way
through a tough morsel; a person that can add flavor to
your dish after a sample taste; a person who will stay
in the kitchen with you even though the heat is intense
and help you prepare a delicious meal.

Praying friend: a person with whom you can join in
prayer; a person who listens with you for direction and
alignment of will on good targets; a person who will
walk in harmony with you over the hills and through the
valleys towards home.

Friends can be connected or re-connect in an instant.
You must be a friend to have a friend