Twelve ministers and theologians of all faiths and
twelve  psychiatrists of all faiths had convened for a
two-day off-the-record seminar on the one-word theme
of HEALING.  The chairman, a psychiatrist, opened  the
seminar with these questions:  "We are all  healers,
whether we are ministers or doctors.  Why are we in
this business?   What is our motivation?" 

 There followed only ten minutes of intense discussion
and they were agreed, doctors and ministers, Catholic,
Jews, and Protestants. "FOR OUR OWN HEALING" they said.

 This is an interesting word, HEALING, with its
meaning ‘to make whole.’  The example above suggests
that one  really never makes it.   It is always
something sought.  Perhaps, as with the minister  and
the doctor, the servant leader might also acknowledge
that his own healing  is his motivation.  There  is
something subtle communicated to one who is being
served and led if, implicit in  the compact  between
servant-leader  and led, is the understanding that
the search for wholeness is something they share.

                 From  Servant Leadership
                       by Robert K. Greenleaf